December 7, 2023

Brilliant. Genius. Not chess, not checkers, DJT is playing Connect4 on acid. What’s the logical next step for a sitting president that just incited a mass insurrection on his own county’s capital? Why, handing out a piece of metal to a football coach of course! The latest masterstroke from the magnificent mind of our fearless leader comes while his own party explores invoking the 25th amendment to remove him. A second impeachment looks almost inevitable now, yet Donny is full steam ahead on what I have to guess is one of his administrations most important policy platforms: giving medals to sports figures.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is mostly nonsense tbh. It used to be prestigious. Jimmy Carter awarded it to great historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Jonas Salk. But in the past three decades it has become more of a recognition of celebrity than achievement. You would think it would be easier for Bill to turn down an award that was given to Bill Cosby in 2002.

While each of the past four presidents have awarded multiple sporting stars the medal, Trump’s list is impressively dense with jocks from all walks. Mariano Rivera, Babe Ruth, Roger Staubach, Tiger Woods. The list goes on. Of the 24 people Trump has honored, 13 were involved in professional athletics. Oh and there’s also Congressman Jim Jordan who was a wrestling coach at Ohio State, where his players were definitely not getting molested.

Trump’s fetish for dishing out awards to athletes aside, many would still consider the recognition a great honor. Bellichick, who supported Trump’s 2016 run alongside Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft, hasn’t commented on the medal yet. But there are many who are calling for him to refuse.

My sources tell me that Belichick was dead set on accepting until he saw this columnist for The Daily Beast was upset and now he’s having second thoughts.

All kidding aside, what the fuck is Trump doing? Pardoning his allies on his way out makes sense. Even awarding Jordan and fellow House Trump sycophant Devin Nunes the medal at least lines up with his usual patterns of only rewarding people who are blindly loyal to him. But how does he expect this latest move to go? My guess? He thinks this will translate to support from a widely known pubic figure at a time that he’s lost nearly all of his allies.

If you know anything about Belichick, he has a nearly one-track mind. It’s football football football. And occasionally lacrosse. The man many consider the GOAT of coaching has proven himself to be a genius when it comes to the Xs and Os of the game. He’s a smart guy, and I’d be shocked if he decided to involve himself considering the maelstrom already coming his way just for being nominated.

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  1. I am glad he did not accept. I am not a football fan, but his non-acceptance tells a lot about him.

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