December 7, 2023
The No Fun League strikes again!

Hours before the Bills and Dolphins kicked off Saturday night, Highmark Stadium was coated in 8-12 inches of fresh powder.

Buffalo fans, no strangers to a snow game, essentially had to clear a path through a foot of snow to get to their seats.

In accordance with the surreal nature of a Saturday night snow game, the notoriously rowdy #BillsMafia started tossing snowballs, at each other and onto the field.

Aside from scoring plays, the flurries weren’t all that noticeable, occasionally a snowball might fly in and hit the camera man. (It’s ok, he’s a professional he can handle it.) Frankly, if I were at a Saturday night playoff-atmosphere game in Buffalo in negative temperatures fueled by nothing but Bud Light and Buffalo snow… I’d be FAR more naughty than BillsMafia is tonight.

And c’mon. Tell me the white snow on the blue endzone paydirt doesn’t look iconic.

Yet the NFL still decided this ballyhoo just would not do. After issuing multiple warnings on the scoreboard and over the loudspeakers, the head official stopped the game to warn the crowd that if they kept throwing snowballs, the Bills would be charged with a 15 yard penalty.

Soft as fuck Goodell.

Disruptive as it may have been, ask undrafted free agent Quinton Morris if he’ll ever forget seeing snowballs flying into the endzone to greet him after his first career touchdown to give the Bills the lead.

WHY the NFL doesn’t decide to lean in to the players, fanbases and cities that actually know how to fucking enjoy themselves is beyond me. You do run an ENTERTAINMENT franchise after all Roggy.

National Football League GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Oh well. The NFL can be forgiven for fumbling this opportunity to create an iconic “forever moment” under the circumstances. It’s not like this has happened before.

*UPDATE about to publish this right before half and Bills RB James Cook snagged a last-second touchdown which prompted more snowballs into the endzone. Fucking sick celly if you ask me.

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