December 7, 2023

“There are two types of people in this world: those who fly private and those who wish they could.”

Those were the harsh words Maher delivered during his Friday night monologue on the most recent episode of HBO’s Real Time.

Maher slammed the activist class of celebrities and politicians who call themselves environmentalists but still use private planes. He then played a slideshow of some notable offenders saying “if you don’t see their picture here it’s because we weren’t allowed to use it.” The list included:

Mark Zuckerberg

Leonardo DiCaprio


Bernie Sanders

Prince Andrew


Harry Styles

The Dalai Llama

Mike Bloomberg

The Jonas Brothers

Brad Pitt

Elizabeth Warren

Photo courtesy of Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Maher spent the 10 minute segment admonishing the hypocrisy of ecological activists, particularly those in positions of power. “John Kerry is our climate czar and he uses a private jet! It’s like if the Secretary of Homeland Security smuggled drugs in his butt.”

Maher says that he bought both the original Tesla and Prius. He bemoaned the purchases as sacrifices saying the cars sucked but he “took one for the team.” This is the second time Maher has admitted he made a decision he didn’t want to because of societal/cultural expectations. He notably deployed this attitude towards getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Maher has since become a rare left-wing voice of dissent on issues surrounding medical sovereignty, refusing to place blind trust in the pharmaceutical industry, much to the chagrin of his left-wing contemporaries.

For self-proclaimed lefty Maher, the segment represents another act of rebellion against the established liberal order, which upholds environmental policy (and the ability to scold those who oppose their solutions) as a sacred cow. In the macro, it marks our further falling position in the precipitous decline of American citizen’s faith in our institutions.

You can watch the full clip for yourself below:

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